Live Oak: Sunday alcohol sales ordinance passes first read

LIVE OAK — At a city council meeting on Tuesday, the council voted on the first reading of the ordinance to allow businesses to sell alcoholic beverages on Sunday.   Source:

Margate considers lifting early Sunday alcohol ban

Margate’s traditional alcohol laws could become a thing of the past. The City Commission agreed it will soon vote on doing away with its alcohol prohibition on Sunday mornings. Mayor Tommy Ruzzano said he was originally against the idea. “I didn’t want people hanging out in bars that early in the morning,” the mayor said. But Ruzzano reconsidered after a manager at a Winn-Dixie asked him about it to accommodate people who wanted to tailgate…

Alcohol issues have long divided Polk voters

[EDITOR’S NOTE] This is a fantastic piece about the history of alcohol policy in Lakeland, Florida. I spoke with the author some weeks ago and Tom was equally knowledgeable as he was polite and friendly. It is well worth the read and should be a guideline for other journalists to pursue similar stories in their areas.

Most speakers at Polk County Commission meeting oppose expanded hours for alcohol sales

BARTOW — Tuesday’s hearing about Sunday alcohol sales was dominated by lectures about the evils of alcohol from a procession of people. Tuesday afternoon’s hearing, the first of two before Polk County commissioners are scheduled to vote July 5, involved a proposal to make the rules for alcohol sales on Sunday the same as for any other day in the week. Source:

Pinellas Co. considers changing alcohol sale times

Pinellas county’s “blue laws” are in play again, for the third time since 2003. The term refers to Sunday-only prohibitions and restrictions on activities deemed immoral or irreverent. Pinellas Sheriff Bob Gualtieri told the mayors he sees no public safety issues with changing the hours of alcohol sales. Later, he told FOX 13 News he would even be alright with 24/7 alcohol sales.

Tallahassee passes 4 a.m. bar closure time, sound ordinance

Tallahassee Democrat January 27th Starting next month, Tallahassee’s bars and restaurants will be able to carry on their parties until nearly dawn. By a 3-2 vote — with Commissioners Gil Ziffer and Scott Maddox in opposition — the Tallahassee City Commission passed an ordinance Wednesday to allow all city establishments that serve alcohol to stay open until 4 a.m., no matter the type of bar or restaurant license they hold. The passage of the ordinance,…